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This site is intended for companies, small offices, and professionals who are looking for a CompTIA A+ and  Network+ certified Service Professional in the Metro Manila area (N.C.R. Philippines). Home users may also find valuable information on this site with regard to their software needs.

The PC Tech provides
PC setup, preventive and corrective maintenance services on On-Call basis at the said region. (Please read the announcement section of the pizarra.) However, he also accepts computer setup and maintenance tasks in any nearby towns, provinces, and elsewhere.

You may hire The PC Tech to augment your work force when
deploying desktops for your company projects. Please send via e-mail your requirements.

For a
Small Office or Home Office, and you want to have your computers linked together for Internet Connection Sharing, file or printer sharing purposes; or you might be one of those wanting to have a PC Gaming Center or an Internet Café; also for any computer networking needs, please do not hesitate to call.

This site advocates the use of legal softwares only. The PC Tech is dedicated in letting you -- the consumers -- know your valid options on your software needs. Yes, you do have a choice. It is hoped you would see that software piracy is the wrong one. Click 
here to see a list of softwares available to you -- free -- on the Internet. Please, use only legal softwares.

Send your comments, inquiries, and suggestions to
The PC Tech . For companies and organizations, please include your current info mentioned on the services page.

Thank you for your visit. Please, check the other pages and see what you can benefit from.

   pizarra (12/24/06)
what's new?
1. This website has been improved. New pages have been added. User information and tips can now be found at the "pizarra". In addition, to provide users additional service, links have been converted into one full page.

2. A simplified version of the Terms of Service (TOS) is now in effect.

1. Beginning this December, The PC Tech, regretfully, no longer accepts house calls for home users. This is mainly due to the cost of providing service vis-à-vis with the current rate set by other service providers. He is merely complying with previous commitments.

2. Support for Linux based operating systems is seriously being considered. Please wait for further announcement.

3. Currently, The PC Tech cannot engage in long-term projects, as he is pursuing career opportunities abroad.

4. Watch for the "short-term" volunteer projects the PC Tech will soon undertake. See the wanted
projects section - when made available on the "site map" - for further details. You may e-mail The PC Tech for suggestions.

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